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Inquiry About Lead Ore

adv welcome
Jika anda membutuhkan informasi mengenai harga, minimal order, kegunaan serta dosis pemakaian dari produk kami (Zeolite, Bentonite, Lignite, Red Clay, Lime/Kapur, Pasir Kucing dan Bentonite Cat Litter), silahkan hubungi di :


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Dear Sir or Madam,

Good day!
We, Australian Federation Freetrade Organization, are one of the largest mineral ore importers in China. Meanwhile, we owned large mills in China. We are end buyer of lead ore, manganese ore, iron ore, coking coal, copper ore, etc. Welcome to visit us.
Our Reference NO. 10 091007/50 CFR
Our requests are as follows:
1. Quantity: 20,000MT-30,000MT
2. Quality: Pb+Zn: min 60% Pb: min 40%
3. Price: CFR
4. Origin: Any
5. Port: China main port
6. Payment: L/C. Within three days upon the contract signed, the supplier shall provide PB, then we will issue L/C. 95% against B/L, SGS, and Certificate of origin, and 5% against CIQ

Before you kindly send us the best offer, I want to introduce our purchasing procedure to you:
1. Inquiry to the potential suppliers.
2. A simple offer of the cargo provided by the supplier. The following information should be included: specification of the cargo, quantity, price, payment, delivery time, loading port and so on.
3. Seller should provide POP (Proof of Products), and then we issue and sign the draft contract.
4. Review and sign the contract.
5. Seller provides the 2%PB or bank swift within 3 days of contract signed.
If you are the miner or the owner, please contact us without hesitation. We are looking forward to your reply.
Thank you very much!

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